Conscious Capitalism Chapters Seed Funding Application 2016

This application is for established Conscious Capitalism chapters to apply for seed funding from Conscious Capitalism, Inc. to support projects or events that are innovative and have significant potential to either advance the Conscious Capitalism movement or deepen the understanding and practice of Conscious Capitalism amongst the members of our chapters.

Funding requests will be evaluated according to the project's efficiency and likelihood of success in maximizing some combination of the following metrics:

1. Number of individuals impacted (i.e. participants or beneficiaries of the initiative)
2. Depth of impact (e.g. in advancing the understanding, application, or advocacy of Conscious Capitalism)
3. Positive media attention surrounding Conscious Capitalism

Please note that no request for funding from CC, Inc. should exceed $2,500. Funding will be provided as a reimbursement for expenses.

Chapter Requesting Funding *

Project Leader Name *

Project Leader Email *

Project Leader Phone Number *

Name of the Project *

What is the overall budget of your project? *

How much are your requesting from Conscious Capitalism in seed funding? *

Please provide a description of the project for which you are seeking funding, focusing on the value it would create for the Conscious Capitalism movement. (Max 250 words) *

Please upload a detailed proposal for the project, including timeline, strategy for execution, breakdown of expenses, anticipated revenue sources, and any other details that you believe will be relevant. *

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